What Are Mala Beads?

Discover the true power of malas – they're not just a piece of jewelry, but your personal guide to inner peace and mindfulness. Learn how malas can support you on your journey to a happier life.

✓ Used by yogis as a tool for meditation

✓ Traditionally knotted with 108 beads

✓ Reminds you of your intentions

✓ Provides you with strength and positive energy

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Necklaces for Your Intention


Our intention necklaces contain your personal word of power engraved on their back. Wear them directly at your heart. All necklaces are mindfully designed, fairly produced and made of 100% recycled gold and silver.

Experience More Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a moment when you feel fully alive. A moment that can be fun. In which you forget the future and the past. In which you are fully connected to yourself and the world.

Learn more about mindfulness. And how you can experience more mindfulness in your life today.

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Mala Bracelets

Small companions in your everyday life that remind you of your intentions.