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Was ist eine Mala Kette zur Meditation Malawissen
What Are Mala Beads?
A mala is a meditation necklace that has been worn by Yogis, Hindus and Buddhists for thousands of years. It supports you on your spiritual journey and helps you manifest...
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Welche Mala passt zu mir?
How to Choose Your Mala
A mala is more than a piece of jewelry. It is a wonderful companion in your everyday life, a reminder of the intentions in your life or simply a helper...
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Was sind Rudraksha?
What Are Rudraksha?
Rudraksha are the seeds of a tree to which special powers have been attributed in India for thousands of years. The tree grows mainly in the Himalayan mountains and on...
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Positive Intentionen setzen
Setting Positive Intentions
Sound familiar? You're stuck in a social media loop, following the daily lives of other people whose lives look totally exciting, free and inspiring. You know you shouldn't compare yourself...
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Shift your Mind: Positive Affirmationen setzen
Shift your Mind: Positive Affirmationen setzen
Hast du schon einmal bemerkt, wie dein innerer Dialog deine Stimmung und dein Selbstbild beeinflusst? Negativen Self-talk kennt jede:r, aber zum Glück funktioniert das auch in die andere Richtung! Affirmationen sind...
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Wie benutzt man eine Mala-Kette?
How to Meditate with Mala Beads
A mala supports you on your personal journey. It reminds you to take some time out for yourself and simply feel peaceful. By carrying it with you, it helps you...
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