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I am Enough Mala

I am Enough Mala

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Intuitively, I take my hands to my heart. I feel my breathing calm down. I feel held. Warm energy spreads through me. Confidence that I am just right the way I am. Now, in this moment, I am simply enough. Sheltered, lifted up, and exactly where I'm supposed to be - completely with me.

Hand knotted from: Jade, Clear Quartz, Rudraksha

Natural Materials

Jade is mentioned primarily in Chinese mythology and is described as a particularly powerful healing stone. With its cool energy, jade calms you and helps you achieve emotional balance. The stone encourages you to pause, to become calmer and to reduce the amount of daily impressions.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz directs its light on what is important in your life. It supports clarity, self-knowledge and gives a calm mind. It is also used to enhance the power of other stones around it.

Rudraksha are the seeds of a special tree from the Himalayan region. They are traditionally used by yogis to make their mala necklaces. The beads have a particularly interesting and pleasant surface and feel fascinating and invigorating in the hand. Rudraksha keep away negative energies, give a peaceful sleep and support you on your personal spiritual path.

Handmade in Our Studio

All our malas are made in our studio in Germany. This way you can be sure that your mala was created in a mindful process under fair working conditions and all beads were carefully selected by hand.

Details & Size

  • 108 beads + Guru bead
  • Thread: 100% cotton
  • Pendant: brass, 18K gold plated
  • Golden beads: brass, 18K gold plated
  • Length of the necklace: ca. 84 cm
  • Length of the tassel: about 4 cm
  • Beads Ø : 6mm
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