Welche Mala passt zu mir?

How to Choose Your Mala

A mala is more than a piece of jewelry. It is a wonderful companion in your everyday life, a reminder of the intentions in your life or simply a helper in daily meditation.

With the wide range of different materials, colors and effects associated with these necklaces, it is sometimes difficult to decide on a particular model. Therefore, in this article we want to help you find exactly the right mala for you.

Deciding which mala du buy is a very personal process that will connect you piece by piece with yourself. And this is exactly what distinguishes a mala from an ordinary necklace: the confrontation with yourself and the intention the necklace is supposed to support you with.

Trust your intuition

Most of the time, your gut feeling knows on its own what you need right now and in which phase of life you are. Have felt drawn to a certain mala from the first second you saw it? Do you feel an immediate connection to a certain stone? Then this necklace is probably the right one.

Trust your intuition, even if you might have had something else in mind. In our experience with ourselves and our friends, the first impulse is usually the right one for your current life situation. If your intuition has decided which stone and which color will be supportive for you right now, then take this necklace.

So take a few breaths. Connect with yourself and feel inside if there is not already a right Mala for you right now.

Finding the Meaning of Your Mala

Malas can help you focus on a specific intention and integrate it into your daily life.

To find an intention, it is important that you take time for yourself. Feel into yourself what issues are currently on your mind and write down every little thing - your thoughts will guide you. Now get to the bottom of it and think about what intention, what quality you need in your life right now to deal with these very issues. Self-confidence, perhaps? Courage? Some peace of mind?

Each of our malas embodies a specific intention. So when you have found out which quality you want to give more space to in your life, you can orientate yourself by the names and descriptions of our malas. For each chain we have also described in detail which effects are attributed to the stones and what they are meant for.

Enjoy the process

Everyone needs time to make decisions. Most of the time your head is a bit clearer after you have slept on it for a night. No matter if your intuition has spontaneously decided on a mala or if you are looking for an intention first: enjoy the process, because this is the beginning of you coming to terms with yourself intensively.

And with every meditation the relationship to your mala will become more personal all by itself - so that after a few weeks it will be exactly your mala anyway.

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