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Mala-Pflege Tipps

Mala Care Guide

Our mala necklaces are made of high quality natural materials and should give you many years of pleasure. Through regular wear, dirt can accumulate on the chain, of course, as everywhere. And the rudraksha and sandalwood beads can become somewhat brittle over time due to contact with perfume and sweat.

Therefore, we recommend that you give your mala necklace a little care ritual from time to time and maintain its natural freshness.

How do I care for my mala?

To clean your mala from dirt you need a glass of water, some eco-friendly soap, maybe a small brush and some care oil (commercial coconut oil, sandalwood oil, etc. are enough. It does not have to be a special product ).

Pflegeartikel Mala Kette

1. Put the mala in the glass with lukewarm water and some soap. The tassel can also come under water without any problems.

Then let the necklace soak for at least 10 minutes - if you want to achieve a particularly thorough cleaning, even several hours.

If you also want to clean the tassel of your mala, you can gently rub it in the water with your fingers after soaking to remove dirt.

Mala ins Wasser einlegen reinigen

Remove your mala from the jar and rinse it under clean water. For very stubborn dirt, you can now carefully clean the beads with a soft brush, but in most cases this should not be necessary.

Sanft mit Bürste reinigen

Let the necklace dry completely. This usually takes several hours.

It is best to shake out the tassel briefly over a sink beforehand so that it dries faster.

When the necklace is dry, take some oil and massage it evenly with your fingers into the rudraksha and sandalwood beads. Not only does this give a pleasant scent, but it also protects the beads from becoming brittle.

Mala mit Pflegeöl einreiben

Care of the tassel

After some time your tassel may show signs of wear and you should clean it as described above.

If you like, you can comb it with a fine comb after drying - then it will be nice and fluffy again.

If the ends of the threads don't look very nice anymore, you can trim them a few millimeters with scissors to give your tassel a fresh look again.

Quaste Tassel pflegen

Activate the energy of your mala

Your mala necklace is made of particularly energetic materials. This is due to the energy structure of the stones and the inner structure of the material. The basic energetic effect of your beads is already in the material itself and will not be lost over the years.

However, you can energize the individual beads and thereby enhance their positive effect - this is often referred to as "charging" or "activating".

In our experience, this is best done by performing a full mantra meditation with the necklace.

Find your personal mantra or affirmation and repeat it once for each bead, with your eyes closed, while rubbing each bead between your fingers, moving bead by bead from the tassel around the entire necklace until you reach the tassel again.

To fully charge your chain you should repeat this once every day for 14 days - and then at irregular intervals whenever it seems right and necessary.

A nice mantra that has a positive effect for everyone is simply "Om". But you can also use an affirmation, such as "I am serene" or "I feel my power".

Why beads get darker

The rudraksha and sandalwood beads in your necklace will darken over time from wearing them and also rubbing oil into them. The color of gemstone beads can also intensify. This is an absolutely natural and positive process. Because the beads absorb the oils and the energy of your body while you wear them. This gives them a darker color and makes them energetically stronger. So it is an absolutely desirable effect and shows that your mala necklace has connected with you.

For this reason a mala is always a very personal item and you should not simply lend it to other people or wear the malas of strangers.

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