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Frische Energie für den Sommer! Im Gespräch mit Miri von Santaverde

Fresh energy for the summer! In conversation with Miri from Santaverde

We love seeing everything bloom in the summer - not just our surroundings, but ourselves as well. The strength we've built up through the gentle spring light can now be put into all our ideas, allowing us to start the summer months with fresh energy. Products originating from nature, like the fresh Aloe Vera products from the organic label Santaverde, support us in this endeavor.

The basis of their products is pure Aloe Vera juice from organic cultivation in Spain, which supplies the body with nutrients during regeneration processes. We wondered how nature is tangible in the products and what gives Miri from Santaverde energy in the summer. She also reveals her favorite refreshing ritual for the warm days!

Spirit of Eden: Where do you prefer to spend time outdoors? Do you have something planned that you're particularly looking forward to when you think about the long summer days?

Miri: I love sitting on my balcony with freshly cooked food and a friend to chat with. It smells like summer outside :) I also like going to the park after work alone or with my loved ones. Reading, people watching, enjoying, soaking up the sun (of course with SPF) – oh, I'm so excited!

Spirit of Eden: Your Aloe Vera is naturally grown and you also take care of the surroundings and the plants' care - how does this strong connection to nature support you in your daily life?

Miri: I feel inspired by the close professional connection to nature in everyday life. The awareness of the environment and the importance of sustainable practices is strengthened, which encourages me to act responsibly and make environmentally friendly decisions.

Spirit of Eden: For you, skin care goes beyond the actual process, it also strengthens the connection to oneself: Do you have any tips to find and express one's Inner Glow?

Miri: Through self-care. Take care of your physical, mental, and
emotional well-being. Put yourself first – the most important relationship you enter into is with yourself. I like to take time for things that bring me
joy, such as yoga, cooking, skincare, reading, or spending time with my friends

Spirit of Eden: We want to bring more freshness into our daily lives: Do you have a ritual for freshness that you would like to share with us?

Miri: Hydration from inside & outside is a big theme for us. On one hand, you should naturally drink a lot, but especially also hydrate your skin from the outside. The pure Aloe Vera juice in our products makes this super effective and the skin feels well-nourished. One of my favorites is our toner, which you can just spray on your face for an instant refresh.


We are happy with the little inspirations Miri has given us and are already planning the next meeting with friends outdoors! Thank you, Miri 🤍.

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