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True Nature Armband Lava Jaspis
Armband Männer Herren Lava Gold Luxus Stärke
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52,00 €
M (17.5cm)
XS (14.5cm)
S (16cm)
L (19cm)
XL (20.5cm)
M (17.5cm)
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1 Year Warranty
Dendritic Jasper

Dendritic Jasper has a deep connection with consciousness and its functions, encompassing both the inner and outer aspects of the mind. It supports you in carrying your inner strength outward and living your natural self.


Lava, originating from the fire of our Earth, has been worn as a talisman since ancient times. It is a very archaic material that provides strength, power, and determination. With it, you will endure even the most difficult situations and ignite your inner fire.


Rudraksha are the seeds of a special tree from the Himalayan region. Traditionally used by yogis to make their mala necklaces, these beads have a particularly interesting and pleasant surface, feeling fascinating and invigorating in hand. Rudraksha wards off negative energies, ensures peaceful sleep, and supports you on your personal spiritual journey.

Handcrafted With Heart

All pieces of jewelry are designed in our studio and lovingly crafted by hand.

The positive working atmosphere is also reflected in our products, so that in the end you will hold a piece of jewelry in your hands that will accompany you on your journey and make you shine every day - inside and out.