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Protected Soul Armband Tigerauge Lava Obsidian
Protected Soul Bracelet
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58,00 €
M (17.5cm)
XS (14.5cm)
S (16cm)
L (19cm)
XL (20.5cm)
M (17.5cm)
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1 Year Warranty
Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is an ancient protective stone. It is said to sharpen the senses of its wearer, thereby granting clarity, protection, and renewed strength. With it, you perceive your surroundings more finely while maintaining a strong mental focus. This helps you keep a cool head in difficult moments and get a better overview of the situation.


Lava, originating from the fire of our Earth, has been worn as a talisman since ancient times. It is a very archaic material that provides strength, power, and determination. With it, you will endure even the most difficult situations and ignite your inner fire.


Obsidian is a powerful volcanic rock. It opens the gates to the subconscious and promotes self-awareness. It brings unresolved conflicts to light and offers protection against negative energies. As a spiritual mirror, Obsidian reveals your true nature and supports personal transformation processes.


This aromatic wood is one of the most traditional materials used for making malas. It possesses a special inner warmth and feels gently soothing when touched. Additionally, it emits a subtle fragrance, constantly reminding you of peace and calm in daily life. Sandalwood attracts positive energies and supports a tranquil, peaceful lifestyle.

Handcrafted With Heart

All pieces of jewelry are designed in our studio and lovingly crafted by hand.

The positive working atmosphere is also reflected in our products, so that in the end you will hold a piece of jewelry in your hands that will accompany you on your journey and make you shine every day - inside and out.