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I am Enough Mala

I am Enough Mala

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I am one with my feelings. With my soul, my imagination. See so many thoughts that combine into one big whole. Countless colors. Countless dreams, so much energy. Everything is coming together. Becomes bigger and brighter. All connected. One universe. Inside me.

Handknotted from: Labradorite, Rock Crystal, Rudraksha.

Natural Materials

Labradorite enlivens the imagination, increases creativity and improves intuition. The fascinating light plays of this stone enable an intensive connection to your subconscious. You gain better access to your thoughts and emotions - and can grasp them more clearly at the same time. So you understand what is really important to you and get new inspiration from the depths of yourself.

Rock Crystal
The rock crystal directs its light on what is important in your life. It supports clarity, self-knowledge and gives a calm mind. Especially good rock crystal works as a reinforcement of other stones.

Rudraksha are the seeds of a special tree from the Himalayan region. They are traditionally used by yogis to make their mala necklaces. The beads have a particularly interesting and pleasant surface and feel fascinating and invigorating in the hand. Rudraksha keep away negative energies, give a peaceful sleep and support you on your personal spiritual path.

Handmade in Our Studio

All our malas are made in our studio in Germany. This way you can be sure that your mala was created in a mindful process under fair working conditions and all beads were carefully selected by hand.

Details & Size

  • 108 beads + Guru bead
  • Thread: 100% cotton
  • Pendant: brass, 18K gold plated
  • Golden beads: brass, 18K gold plated
  • Length of the necklace: ca. 84 cm
  • Length of the tassel: about 4 cm
  • Beads Ø : 6mm
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Handcrafted with Heart

Trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Now is the time to calmly orient yourself, take time for yourself, and reconnect with your essence. Embark on a journey to yourself and tune into what defines you as a person and what you want to manifest for your true self - you are enough.
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