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I Am Believing Mala
I Am Believing Mala
I Am Believing Mala
Mala Kette Blau Achat Meer Sommer Yogaschmuck
I Am Believing Mala
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1 Year Warranty
Blue Agate

Blue agate is valued as a stone for inner balance and self-awareness. With its multifaceted structure, it helps bring hidden ideas to light while promoting self-acceptance, strengthening your self-confidence. This special stone supports you in profound self-analysis, allows you to discover hidden talents, and enables you to build an intimate connection with your true essence.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz directs its light towards what is important in your life. It assists in clarity, self-awareness, and provides a peaceful mind. Clear quartz works particularly well as an enhancer of other stones.


Rudraksha seeds come from a special tree in the Himalayan region. They are traditionally used by yogis to make their meditation malas. The beads have a particularly interesting and pleasant surface and feel fascinating and invigorating in the hand. Rudraksha beads keep negative energies at bay, promote peaceful sleep, and support you on your personal spiritual journey.

Handcrafted With Heart

All pieces of jewelry are designed in our studio and lovingly crafted by hand.

The positive working atmosphere is also reflected in our products, so that in the end you will hold a piece of jewelry in your hands that will accompany you on your journey and make you shine every day - inside and out.