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Halskette Gold für Yogis Begin Your Journey Reise Geschenk
Necklace "Begin Your Journey"
Necklace "Begin Your Journey"
Necklace "Begin Your Journey"
Necklace "Begin Your Journey"
Details & Size
1 Year Warranty

This necklace is meant to accompany you on new paths and support you in unfolding your full potential. The word "Journey" is engraved on the back side.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is a stone that strengthens the willpower of its owner and inspires them to pursue goals and desires with determination and vigor. Its powerful properties assist in overcoming obstacles and building the necessary resolve to face challenges.

100% Recycled Gold & Silver

For our jewelry, we exclusively use real, recycled gold and silver. The chain is made of 925 Sterling Silver with a layer of 18K Gold.

The gold plating is durable and waterproof.

Handcrafted With Heart

All pieces of jewelry are designed in our studio and lovingly crafted by hand.

The positive working atmosphere is also reflected in our products, so that in the end you will hold a piece of jewelry in your hands that will accompany you on your journey and make you shine every day - inside and out.