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Friendship Bundle: "Presence

Friendship Bundle: "Presence

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My heart is pounding. Fast and excited. I am alive! Right in this moment. No standards, no worries, just the here and now. Everything is mine - in this breath. And nobody can stop me. I live, love, dance. Just as I want it. I radiate.

Handmade from: Jasper, Sandalwood

Set consists of:

  • 2x Live The Moment Bracelet
  • 2x Friendship Ritual Card
  • 2x Linen pouch for storage

Natural Materials

Landscape Jasper
This jasper captivates with its unique pattern, reminiscent of small painted landscapes. By looking closely at these fine details, you gain a strong presence in the present moment and can more easily detach from fears and worries. Jasper gives courage, joie de vivre and focuses the thoughts completely in the here and now.

This aromatic wood is one of the most traditional materials for making malas. It has a special, inner warmth and feels soft and comforting when stroked over it. It also gives off a subtle scent that will always remind you of peace and tranquility in your everyday life. Sandalwood attracts positive energies and supports a calm, peaceful lifestyle.

Handmade in Our Studio

All our malas are made in our studio in Germany. This way you can be sure that your mala was created in a mindful process under fair working conditions and all beads were carefully selected by hand.

Details & Size

  • Stretch bracelet adjusts to fit wrist
  • Pendant : Brass, 18K gold plated
  • Beads Ø : 6mm

  • Our sizes are based on the circumference of your wrist
  • The bracelets themselves are a tad larger for a comfortable fit
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