Our Story

Discover your Eden

It all began in a park. The sun shone through the leaves of the trees, the wind gently caressed our skin. Somewhere in the distance a few birds were singing. We just sat there. Everything was perfect.

Eden is not a distant paradise for us - it is a feeling inside all of us. A moment when we are just a little more mindful and happy.
And we want to share this moment with you.

More mindfulness

With our products we want to help you to find exactly this state. And to carry a piece of Eden always with you.

Our malas help you on your personal path.
They are a daily reminder to fully engage with your life. Say "yes!" to yourself, to your inner beauty, to your intuition and to what you want to achieve in life.

Energetic handwork

All our jewelry is made in our studio with elaborate handwork. We pay special attention to the selection of materials and to a traditional way of working full of energy, attention and sensitivity.

Doing good together

With every product sold, we support social projects that make the world a little better.

We are currently working on meditation projects for children
and planting trees with Plant-for-the-Planet.